Internet Consultation

We provide high level Internet Consulting services. We believe, as do our clients, that the Internet is a viable medium to conduct business. Therefore, it is important to involve a consultant with a strong business background to the process from the outset.

It is the Web Consultant’s job to:

  • Analyze existing web trend reports
  • Obtain the goals of the new Web site
  • Extract information from the client

Through this process, the Web Consultant determines the appropriate technologies needed to accomplish the goals and generates the Web site architecture flowchart.

Design and Implement

Our experienced staff will work with you designing and implementing a Web solution that fits your business needs. Working with leading-edge techonology, our staff has helped many past clients boost profitabilty and gain market recognition. Our staff is knowledgeable in HTML, DHTML, PHP, Javascript, MySQL database management, CGI scripting, .NET Web applications, and more. We strive to not only help you design your Web site but also develop the applications necessary to maximize your site's functionality.

Graphical Design and Layout

Your first impression is often the one that stays with you. The first thing users will notice about your site is its graphics and overall graphical design. Less attractive sites might lead users to the misconception that your company is inferior to your competition. Also, it is important that your user is able to navigate easily through your site. The graphical design and layout can be critical to your online success.

Our team will work with you to create an aesthetically pleasing design and layout that is easily navigated. We will work with you on developing site graphics and logos if necessary.

Web Space and Domain Registration

We pride ourselves on market research. Our team has researched a list of providers so that we can meet your specific Web requirements. Our Web hosts and domain registrars are the best in the country and provide the most reliable services in the market at the best possible prices.

Search Engine Strategies

We can provide services to you in optimizing your site for Search Engine submission. We will work with you to submit your sites to most major Search Engines. We strive to streamline keywords, descriptions, and other metadata to get you the best possible placement on all Search Engines.

Affiliation Strategies

We can work with you to gain maximum exposure through affliation services. Link exchanges can offer very inexpensive methods to direct traffic to your new site. We can research the best possible exchanges for your business purposes.

Ecommerce Solutions

One of the largest areas of Internet growth is ecommerce. Businesses large and small are offering online purchasing capabilities to Web sites across the globe. Ecommerce can expand a company's reach exponentially. Our team can work with you to create an online store front to facilitate your online commerce needs.

Maintenace and Updating

Our team will maintain and update your site if you choose. We will work with you on terms for updating you new site. If you would prefer to maintain and update your site, our team will train your staff on specifics of your Web site design. If needed, our staff will suggest software for this process.