About Us

Devine Management & Associates, Inc. is a professional marketing firm working with some of the top companies the country. We have customized solutions that fit your marketing needs. Support your sales efforts with professional marketing done according to your specifications with very low minimum hour requirements. Whether you need overflow, after-hour, or dedicated agents, shared or full service, we can assist with any marketing applications. We want you to be able to spend your valuable time selling your product or service, not perfecting your sales presentation.

We have a staff excellently trained to make sure each appointment we set up is a genuinely interested party that meets your specifications. Our staff understands that it is the prospective customer who is the decision maker within the household or business, and that they will have an interest in getting a quote from you. We know that it is in our mutual best interest for potential customers to meet the criteria of a qualified prospect that you feel is worth your time. We also take pride in keeping our customer lists completely confidential.

Our staff enjoys what they do, and they do it well! You can feel safe that we will treat your potential customers with as much care as you would yourself.


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